Our Animals

At Edible Acres, we rasie sheep and chickens and KuneKune pigs .  In the past we have had goats, ducks, pheasants and pigs.  We have learned what works with our farm life and what doesn't. 

Our sheep are pasture-raised until our Canadian winter sets in.  Then they move into an open barn where they have space to roam, eat hay and are out of the elements.  This is also when our ewes are set to deliver the young ones.  Even though it is cold, everyone does well, and we have the time to assist when necessary. 

Our girls (lay hens), provide us with delicious fresh eggs daily. They have the option to roam outside or stay inside.  Don't be surprised if you are greeted by a chicken or two when visiting the farm.

The newest addition to our farm are KuneKune pigs.  These pigs are perfect for small homesteaders, and we will be offering registered piglets come fall of 2019, and pork products starting spring of 2020.   




Frankie and Midnight
the girls
1st twins 2015_edited