1. Is Edible Acres certified organic?

No, currently Edible Acres is not certified. We have been farming here since 2007, and have always followed the organic standards, in fact we try to go above when possible. 


2. What do you grow at Edible Acres?

Our list of what we grow is fairly lengthy. We grow over 30 types of vegetables, and over 80 varieties. We definitely have some of our favorite varieties, but enjoy trying new ones every year, searching for the next favorite. We love growing for flavor, and so therefore some of our produce doesn't look like your typical grocery store produce, but if you give it a try, your taste buds will love you.


3. What can we expect in our weekly CSA share?

The baskets vary week to week, and as the growing season changes, so will the produce in them. We try to offer a variety from week to week, while including the staples. As we don't like eating the same thing day after day, we know you don't either.


4. Is there a difference in picking up our basket from the farm vs. delivery?

The baskets will be put together the same. Same amount of produce, same number of varieties. Those coming out to the farm will be able to take advantage of the swap box though. This allows you to customize the box a bit, if you wish. We do limit it to two items per week, and can only be swapped for produce of equal or lesser value. We will also have any extra produce, eggs, as well as our homestead products, available at the farm at a discounted price for our CSA families.


5. Why is there an additional charge for delivery?

We have added an additional charge to assist with the cost of gas, as well as time lost. This time of year, every hour counts. We are busy planting, harvesting, weeding, replanting... so to give up time in the fields, is something that we have a hard time doing. But with that said, we know that you are also busy with life, so we decided that this option needs to be available for you.


6. What happens if we are away one of the weeks we are scheduled to pick up our basket?

It is summer time, and we know that most of you take advantage of our great summer weather and get away, therefore we have two options available to you. We request that you give us a minimum of one weeks notice along with what option you are going to take advantage of. We do limit this to 1 week per season.

1. Have a friend come and pick up your basket

2. Receive no basket that week, and have a credit for farm items to be used before the end of the CSA season. So, if you have a full share, you have $30 that can be used to purchase anything we make/grow/sell here, as long as it is before the last basket is picked up or delivered.


7. What methods of payments do you except?

Cash, cheque and email transfer

Address: 21083 Purple Hill Road,                Thorndale, Ontario

Email: edibleacreshomestead@outlook.com

Phone:519 520 0175

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