1. Is Edible Acres certified organic?

Yes, Edible Acres received their certification from ProCert in 2020.


2. What do you grow at Edible Acres?

Our list of what we grow is fairly lengthy. We grow over 30 types of vegetables, and over 80 varieties. We definitely have some of our favorite varieties, but enjoy trying new ones every year, searching for the next favorite. We love growing for flavor, and so therefore some of our produce doesn't look like your typical grocery store produce, but if you give it a try, your taste buds will love you.  We also began bringing in some certified organic produce from Pfenning's Farm in 2020 to allow a more diversified selection (mainly in the winter months).  All of Pfenning's products are also certified organic, and it will say in the description on the online shop that it was purchased from them.


3. What can we expect in our weekly Greens Subscriptions?

Each week you can expect a bag filled with a variety of greens which may including salad mixes, microgreens, spinach, kale, Swiss Chard, bok choi, arugula, herbs and more.   


4. Is there a difference in picking up our greens subscription from the farm vs. markets?

No.  Each week the greens will be the same no matter where you pick them up, and both markets and the farm will have other options that will be available to purchase. We ask that if you need to change up your pick up location, that you let us know the week prior (so that we have your order in the correct location).

5. What happens if we are away one of the weeks we are scheduled to pick up our subscription?

We know that most of you take advantage of our great summer weather to get away, therefore we have two options available to you: 

1. Have a friend come and pick up your green

2. Receive no greens that week, and have pick up 2 the week prior or after.  We need at least one weeks notice.  

If you forget and just don't pick up your order by the end of day Saturday, it will be sold at our Sunday market.

6. What if something comes up and I need to cancel my share?

We realize that life changes, and that we can not anticipate the future. If you need to cancel giving us 4 weeks notice, we will refund you 50% of the amount paid.  Otherwise you can donate the balance to a family member/friend or neighbour.

7. What methods of payments do you except?

Subscriptions can be purchased through our online shop (open Sunday-Thursdays until May1st. or contact us for other options.  At our markets and at our farm gate shop, we prefer cash, but do have a card processor (as long as we can get an internet connection)