Homestead Products

Creating useful products on our downtime is something of a hobby. 

Corey finds time, aside from working full-time, to create a variety of items out of wood.  Our wood products are made using logs harvested on site.  Ash is the main source of wood, as our bush is full of it, and the Emerald ash borer has killed most the trees. Corey carefully checks and marks them in the fall to ensure that only those that are no longer living are harvested.  The sawmill can be heard sometimes days on end, but the final products are well worth the work.  Any of the wood leftover is then used to keep us warm during the winter months, leaving nothing to waste. 

Creating body products as well as making preserves are Laurie's passions. Mixing different essential oils and coming up with new scents, trying new recipes and researching benefits to different natural additives is what keeps her busy during the cold months.  Cold pressed soap, using a mixture of 4 different oils and scenting them with essential oils, can be found throughout the house as well as the farmers' markets and at the farm. Not wanting to let excess produce go to waist was the beginning of what now is a big part of what keeps customers coming back for more. Both of the most requested preserves are family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. If your fortunate to find either the sweet chili sauce or pickle relish, it is recommend that you stock up as supplies tend not to last long.    Throughout the year, Laurie also attends various markets and festivals where you can also purchase their products.     

saw mill
cutting boards
baskets ready for Christmas sales
Soap mold
Ready for Christmas Show
Christmas Show
Christmas Deer
harvest table