Meet The Farmers

High school sweethearts, born and raised in rural Southwestern Ontario, Corey and Laurie Ahrens both grew up on farms where long hours, hard work and determination were a part of everyday successful farming. Their childhood on the farm taught them so many valuable lessons, and molded them into the people they are today.   Sixteen years ago, they found their own little farm where they could raise their two children, teach them the value of the land as well as how to respect and protect it, and call it home.

 Our Farm- Edible Acres

Edible Acres is a small farm located just east of the village of Thorndale, a short 10 minute drive east of London.  Here we grow a wide range of vegetables, along with a variety of fruit trees. We also raise sheep/lamb and Kunekune pigs both free of hormones and any unnecessary antibiotics, as well as chickens for eggs.


All of the seed used for growing our produce is organic, and when possible of an heirloom variety.  We grow everything from potatoes to tomatoes and cucumbers to beets.  We are certified through ProCert, where we use the principles of organic farming, as well as other ecological methods to grow healthy and nutritious produce.  We feel strongly that by having healthy soil, we can produce healthy produce.  The methods we use include, but are not limited to; crop rotation, cover crops, mulches, compost and natural fertilizers. 


Our livestock roam the pastures from spring to fall, and since our winters leave them with nothing to eat, they take shelter in the barn where we feed them hay.  Birthing is also done in the winter months, so having them indoors makes it easier for us to keep an eye on the expecting moms, and help out as needed.  We do not use any hormones in our livestock, and will only use antibiotics when absolutely necessary.  Our goal is to raise animals in a stress-free atmosphere, while doing all we can to respect their lives.