Our Products

We sell fresh vegetables and a variety of other products directly on the farm...
Stop by the shop on your way out!


We grow a large variety of fruits and vegetables here at Edible Acres.  We love using heirloom seeds, as well as other organic seeds to grow healthy and tasty produce.  Our vegetables grown here range from beets to lettuce and tomatoes to kolhrobi.  The list of fruits include strawberries, apples, and plums.



Currently we have a small flock of both sheep and chickens.  We strive to raise happy healthy animals, providing them with the best surroundings we can.  Our sheep are pasture raised until our Canadian weather changes.  Our chickens are raised to provide us  (and farm gate sales) with fresh eggs.  In the past we have also raised pigs, pheasants and ducks.  We are currently researching heritage pigs, in hopes of expanding the variety on our farm; stay tuned for updates.