Another item on the list coming along.

Winter downtime is very precious to all farmers. Our list of things to do grows over the growing/harvest season, and now is the time to not only get items crossed off the list, but also to begin preparing for another busy season. Here, our list was maybe not so large, but each item was a big job. A big item on our list was for storage in one location, and I’d say it is well underway. It started out as a 9 by 9 structure, then I quickly realized that that was going to be too small, so went to something bigger that would work for a long time, as well as be multi-purpose. I then added a wraparound porch, for our wood storage. This of course, was all ideas that I shared with Corey, and now he had to design what I pictured in my head, and begin the building process. So from a sketch back in September to many hours and help from a wonderful set of in-laws and friends, here it is. Not quit done yet, but wow am I impressed with what he has done so far.

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