Dirt Under my Fingernails

It is that time of year again. Time to get dirt under the fingernails, and get a start on the growing season. It's the time of year where I take over the basement and shop with seed trays and plants of all stages of growth can be found in any empty corner. Not all things need to start indoors, but if we can give our plants a running head-start, we do. We like to start our onions from seed. I found it easier for us to find organic seeds verses bulbs when we started growing, and have kept up this practice, it gives us more variety on what types of onions we can grow. One of our favourites is the cipollini onions, these are a nice sweet treat to add into almost any dish. So far, we've got all varieties of onions, leeks, peppers and a few varieties of herbs started, next on the list is tomatoes.

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