Time for the Spring Better Than The Mall

Wow, where has the time gone. Hard to believe that it is the beginning of March already. As the Spring addition of 'Better then the Mall' approaches, we are happy to show off some of our winter projects.

As you may know, I enjoy making soap and other body products. This years line of soap, has expanded to include some additives to additionally benefit ones skin. Love the look that Charcoal powder adds to a bar of soap, and with the belief that it will assist with pulling toxins out our skin, what an added bonus! I've also been making and using lotion bars. These cute little guys are amazing when massaged onto the skin after a warm shower, and sticks on the skin until your next shower, holding moisture in during these dry cold months.

Corey's been busy with his woodworking treasures. Not only for our new sales building, but to offer to our loyal customers. The variety of serving trays/cutting boards and his latest tripod lamp are just the beginning of what is in store. His creative juices have been busy, and with 3 loads of logs sitting by the sawmill, I can only imagine what he'll be creating next.

Lastly, but definitely not least, we will be selling some of our favourite seeds (from the cottage gardener). These wonderful heirloom varieties will be a great addition to anyone’s garden, and can be found growing in ours.

I am looking forward to reconnecting to members of the Thorndale community and as always welcome visits by new customers. Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday.

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